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January, winter, 7pm, night falls.



 Snow or seashells, I peel.

But I see as well something positive in it:

Last Tuesday, my cat insisted that spring had arrived. Time to clean up. Please tidy up the cellar, clear out the clutter!

When I went to the cellar, in front of the staircase door at the entrance to the house, I felt an emptiness. There were jackets, shoes, a mirror, bags of rubbish to take away, but on the wall above the door there was nothing, just emptiness. Before we declutter the cellar, let's fix this problem! Let's choose a door crowning :


a tidy fishmonger's  the door-crownings


From December 10 2023 to January 21 2024, I will present my recent works in my studio.

I have continued my research in the different areas of my work :

Rust? If you've never tasted it in bouillabaise (an aioli-based dip with saffron)), you're familiar with it all the same. Oxidised, aged iron that takes on an unexpected beauty. And if there are any varnish residues or encrustations, a pallet !