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On Fryday 3 march 3 the Gallery/Edition Z in Chur (CH) shall present the exhibition "Underwater Concert", a series of installations, sculptures and reliefs about a watery-musical topic. A prelude offered the Alphorns Groub of Flims in Front of the Gallery shall open the event. The exhibitio can be visited until March 18.

Seront préentés des installations, des sculptures et des reliefs reliés au thème aqueux-musical. For the occasion the Edition Z shall publish 64 pages catalougue and a collection of 20 original collages. Some impressions : 

At first we thought they were soap bubbles,                                                                 that it was something else, a real attack,

but very quickly we realised                                                                       the red mullet was the reincarnation of Mister Spock


 They were attacking in Africa. We had to flee.                                                            And even inAustralia. We started praying.


Rust? If you've never tasted it in bouillabaise (an aioli-based dip with saffron)), you're familiar with it all the same. Oxidised, aged iron that takes on an unexpected beauty. And if there are any varnish residues or encrustations, a palette!



And what if we put it in a new context?


 the bagatelles






From December 10 2023 to January 21 2024, I will present my recent works in my studio.

I have continued my research in the different areas of my work :

 my comics


my bagatelles


mygeometric work


You are cordially invited to join us on 8 December 2023 for the opening of the exhibition at 3 pm.