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After a long break of my eposing activities due  to the pandemic in course I have been inviçted by Michele Chiarlo, a famous wine-producer in Piedmont, 50 km north of Genova tto epoce in his spolendid wine-cellars in his project "ART in the vineyard".


The atmosphere? I do not intend to deepen my considerations about the one , icy, that reigns between me and my neighbour of the floor above, nor the one, otherwise tense between me and the boss of the supermarket at the right-hand side, who is incapable of parking his car without occupuying at least a space and a half, I let you immagine where precisely. Nor the convivial atmosphere between me and the physiotherapist on my left-hand side who has moved to centre-town some days ago.

No, in this case I focalize on items that, maybe, are not less real, but certainely much more enduring: atmospheric phenomenons. Clouds, winds, haiol, lightnings, volcano eruptions a.s.f.

I'm sorry, three seconds and I'll be back (my neighbour, after having parked rather approxymately, didn't turn off the engine)!


The Provençal invation in Switzerland goes on in a small, elegant Gallery in Chur in plain Mountain. Sculptures, paintings, and, aware of where we shall be, a Quartet of alphorns.

Some impressions:

In the meantime 2 exhibitions in Switzerland (for some glamps go to the next 2 articles), that were quite successful. Then thechristmas, new year ant then corona 19. Since I am working at home, besides the personal contacts, I dont suffer much difference.

Here are the links to my last works, (I know, too many, maybe less for eternity, still worse than J.S.Bach):

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