The earliest works that I managed to insert into the 'market' (my first client was my grandfather!) date back to 1975. In more than 40 years of activity, quite regular and sustained, I went through different phases, as well from the technical, stylistic point of view as the topics I got busy with.

The subpages are grouped according to the topics that interested me most in recent years.

To find some balance in my activity, I always needed to work on different features:

on the one hand the tradition of my Swiss origin, which is already divided in two: geometry, constructivism  and Dadaism, the unlikely.

On another side I was guided by my interest in music, still split in two: composition/structure and improvisation. Bread and sorbet.

Enjoy the sub-pages!

View the photo gallery Devenirs of Mr Balthasar Brennenstuhl

What we define as time is a becoming. The egg is an object of becoming. The Etruscan animals rather a becoming of the past. Maybe the future will bring us some surprise like robot-becomings. Why not? The point is, that, since Einstein, space-time is a unit. Hard to calculate how many Robots will find in there enough place to move without crashing eggs, time or space.

View the photo gallery Popular trials of Mr Balthasar Brennenstuhl

A group of three galleries of figurative content, relied by the representation of human figure, in ironical key. Daily jobs, never really resolved.

View the photo gallery Little Bang of Mr Balthasar Brennenstuhl

LITTLE BANG "Little Bang" is a series of works developed in various periods since the early 90 's. A geometric research on the fundamental principles of physics, philosophy and the birth of life. Big words illustrated through small triangles.