The earliest works that I managed to insert into the 'market' (my first client was my grandfather!) date back to 1975. In more than 40 years of activity, quite regular and sustained, I went through different phases, as well from the technical, stylistic point of view as the topics I got busy with.

The subpages are grouped according to the topics that interested me most in recent years.

To find some balance in my activity, I always needed to work on different features:

on the one hand the tradition of my Swiss origin, which is already divided in two: geometry, constructivism  and Dadaism, the unlikely.

On another side I was guided by my interest in music, still split in two: composition/structure and improvisation. Bread and sorbet.

Enjoy the sub-pages!

View the photo gallery Assemblagues of Mr Balthasar Brennenstuhl

To play on words as I often do. In sculpture, and in linguistic terms. Often small sized creations, that attend particularly to irony, to the unexpected. A pleasure to gather little pieces of recycling, work on them, join them. Love of poetry.

There is a certain number of under-under-galleries, due to the diversification during time. In the last years this branch has increased in relation to where I lived, worked, met people, to how I felt.

View the photo gallery The alive of Mr Balthasar Brennenstuhl

The living are category we are used to consider earthly. I think that it’s very probable that there are others of them somewhere in the universe. To join them we’ll have a lot to walk. From my studio to the beach 50 m. So I get rather busy with seaside people than with extraterrestrials, mothers with their child, or Etruscans, who lived until some years ago. Maybe you can find some extraterrestrial in the gallery “LITTLE BANG”.

View the photo gallery The problems of Mr Balthasar Brennenstuhl

There are plenty of problems that are such for somebody and none for someone else. With a war you can make a lot of money or die. A wreck is usually the result of a defeat but as well the dream of any diver (or painter) and so forth …

View the photo gallery Assemblies of Mr Balthasar Brennenstuhl

Un encounter between different materials: wood, a warm body to shape, iron a cold material that is worked with fire, copper brass, more ductile and malleable metals, resin that becomes fake and colorful glass, recycled scraps to compose with small, medium sized and even tall works.