The atmosphere? I do not intend to deepen my considerations about the one , icy, that reigns between me and my neighbour of the floor above, nor the one, otherwise tense between me and the boss of the supermarket at the right-hand side, who is incapable of parking his car without occupuying at least a space and a half, I let you immagine where precisely. Nor the convivial atmosphere between me and the physiotherapist on my left-hand side who has moved to centre-town some days ago.

No, in this case I focalize on items that, maybe, are not less real, but certainely much more enduring: atmospheric phenomenons. Clouds, winds, haiol, lightnings, volcano eruptions a.s.f.

I'm sorry, three seconds and I'll be back (my neighbour, after having parked rather approxymately, didn't turn off the engine)!

 Back again:


Just fancy to be a rock on the mediterranian shore. Clear sky, little mistral, some few seagulls, what is to do ? I prepare a sketch for my hopothetic cloud. Okay, for the moment it is a little rough (don't call it intellectual). Let's refine our drafts !

There are people who think that Plato rained. We are certainly a tiny minority, but I am part of it. And even if itwas not himself personnally, at the times it was already raining! Anyway, I borrow his polyhydrons to design my hypothetic cloud (without which it would not rain). And the lightnings, often black? The reason for this is simple: I do not want to abuse of electricity. Graphically, on a bright underground, a black line tops any neon … a crafts trick. atmospheric phenomenons

The result : a series of sculptures and relifs of small and medium size, composed of pieces of floated wood, of remainings of old wine barrels, welded small steel bars, sometimes a touch of colour. All directed upwards towards the atmosphere or downwards from the atmosphere.

And as an encore my last self-portrait the portraits


 and  my last round of golf on Mars