LITTLE BANG "Little Bang" is a series of works developed in various periods since the early 90 's. A geometric research on the fundamental principles of physics, philosophy and the birth of life. Big words illustrated through small triangles.

One of the first intellectual activities that human beings develop, a part from calling her parents "Mom" and "Dad" is counting. One, two, three ... It’this process that is the basis of this work, borrowing some elements of layout of the constructivist movements of the last century. 

Someone, seeing these works comments "I'm doing patchwork as well.. This is not my case, everything is programmed. If someone is is defining a framework overlaying 4/5 parameters, he reaches a complexity, which is not easily controllable, but perfectely ordered. False patchworks!  

Someone refers to Vasarely, especially in France, where this great Hungarian artist lived and of whom I appreciate especially his “preindustrial” period. The fact, that a painting is realized through an important fragmentation of the surface can have most various reasons. Let’s just confront the pointillists of the late impressionism with Klee, Jasper Johns, or as said, Vasarely. I move myself in a more modest context, rigorously.