You will find below the details of my artistic career.

Collective and individual exhibitions in several countries such as Germany, Italy, the USA and France.

Portrait de l'artiste à Saint Mandrier Mr Balthasar Brennenstuhl peintre et sculpteur

Balthasar Brennenstuhl, sculptor and painter, born in 1956 in Zurich, after long working periods in Paris and in Italy, has opened his new  atelier in Saint Mandrier sur Mer in Provence; France. A new space that englobes  an exibition area, , a personal living area and the creative space, l’atelier. Come and have a look!

Please find below my curriculum vitae in several languages ​​(French, Italian, English and German) in pdf format in standard or illustrated version.

    • 2021 La Corte Michele Chiarlo, Calamandrana, AT
    • 2019 -Galerie Edition Z, Coira, CH
    • Kulturplatz Wellenberg, Uerikon, CH
    • 2016 - Galerie Claudine Hohl, Zürich, CH
  • Galerie Edition Z, Chur, CH

  • 2014 - Galerie Claudine Hohl, Zürich, CH
  • 2012 - MichiPastoArte, Genova

    Galerie Claudine Hohl, Zürich, CH

  • 2022 Proicida 2022, Procida, I
  • 2012 - Abbey Conteporay Art, Parodi Ligure AL
  • 2011 - Sopra il vuoto, Serravalle AL
  • 2007 - Galleria Babel Art, Alessandria, AL, I

    Il Castello, Voltaggio AL

    Cristalli, Rocca Grimalda, AL