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Saint Mandrier sur Mer

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Balthasar Brennenstuhl


In case of my (probable) presence open daily from 9-20 h




After my years of fine arts studies in Paris in the 70s/80s and a first period of professional activity, I movved to Italy in 1990. In Piemonte and Sicily I have carried on my artistic researches for 27 years.

In 2016, I decided to return to France where I have opened my new workshop at the port of Saint Mandrier sur Mer near Toulon in Provence in 2016. biography

During all those years I have aquainted various techniques, composition apporoaches and develppes a personal, recognizable language.

My artistik workinquires basically three sectors:







A story of thousands of years tha has developped and revolutionned its canons continuously. As we know to have studies the history gives some hints how and where to look forward. But anyway my attention is not limited to the analysis of the past. Nowadays, more than ever, we have to concieve interdisciplinary considerations : nuclear physics, astrophysics, psycology, sociology, politics, climatology …

Mathematical references become important.



When I paint I become a small brush, trying to remember the lessons and tricks ofGiotto, Rembrant, Klee, Rothko, all the important brush–operators, spatula-owners, and other-wisely equipped canvassers. little bang




The insertion of objects and the modelling of the support open the »paintings » to the third dimension and enrich their material and tactile composition. The white canvas is replaced by a modelles support hanged with peaces of cotton canvas enhanced by a patina on bee-wax bases. my comics


sculptures / objects

Rahter than sculptures in a ethymological sense I would speak of assemblings of various materials an objects:

  • the metals : steel, iron, copper, brass ...
  • wood: eucalyptus, lemon tree, fruit trees, peaces of driftwood
  • polymeric resines, coatings, plaster ...
  • recycled objects


When I'm welding iron I become an electrode, while brassing copper I turn into a blowlamp. Sculpting wood I feel like a woodbock, using resins I get hardened. Recycling objects I anti-waste. Plaster and polyurethane take care of the rest of the dust. assemblings





Sculptures and various objects join together into a configurationin order to open a dialogue with the space to invade, to accompaign, to accentuate or to contrast. installations



In the BLOG page you shall find news about my recent works and exhibitions as well as my last articles. Lien BLOG


The atmosphere? I do not intend to deepen my considerations about the one , icy, that reigns between me and my neighbour of the floor above, nor the one, otherwise tense between me and the boss of the supermarket at the right-hand side, who is incapable of parking his car without occupuying at least a space and a half, I let you immagine where precisely. Nor the convivial atmosphere between me and the physiotherapist on my left-hand side who has moved to centre-town some days ago.

No, in this case I focalize on items that, maybe, are not less real, but certainely much more enduring: atmospheric phenomenons. Clouds, winds, haiol, lightnings, volcano eruptions a.s.f.

I'm sorry, three seconds and I'll be back (my neighbour, after having parked rather approxymately, didn't turn off the engine)!

In times of COVID-19, in absence of cultural events in presence  (bagatelles

e trake our time, we have a rare and precious occasion to deepen all by ourselfs some complementary,

edentary arguments of our arts and crafts :

in this case the diptychs, the triptychs.

The basic intention was to provoke single elements

of our imagination to meet in a common frame,

to look for possible successions, confrontations, implementations.

This opens various scripts :


For instance a narrative solution that suggests

a chronology, sometimes to be read

in reverse order. Little Bang 


Or a complementary solution that 

opposes two elements of a

common topic,



Or an associative solution that joins

different elements in a

common context. 

My comics



... and so forth.

In the meantime 2 exhibitions in Switzerland (for some glamps go to the next 2 articles), that were quite successful. Then thechristmas, new year ant then corona 19. Since I am working at home, besides the personal contacts, I dont suffer much difference.

Here are the links to my last works, (I know, too many, maybe less for eternity, still worse than J.S.Bach):

my comix

 My comics