My latest creations, exhibitions and events.

In the meantime 2 exhibitions in Switzerland (for some glamps go to the next 2 articles), that were quite successful. Then thechristmas, new year ant then corona 19. Since I am working at home, besides the personal contacts, I dont suffer much difference.

Here are the links to my last works, (I know, too many, maybe less for eternity, still worse than J.S.Bach):

my comix

 My comics


The Provençal invation in Switzerland goes on in a small, elegant Gallery in Chur in plain Mountain. Sculptures, paintings, and, aware of where we shall be, a Quartet of alphorns.

Some impressions:



This time we move to my home country in a splenditly reastaured barn with a pleasent panorama on the sweet lake of Zurich. It's called "Kulturplatz Wellenberg" what means "Cultural space of the wayvy mountain". Not far from there i have passed my first 20 years of obedience.

For this exhibition I have called Valentin Aren for envigouring purpose, my chap ever since high scool. We have studied art together in the 80's in Paris. A grate reunion!

Some impressions:


Let's render up: this is a pipe! I'm flying to Egypt.