My latest creations, exhibitions and events.


The Provençal invation in Switzerland goes on in a small, elegant Gallery in Chur in plain Mountain. Sculptures, paintings, and, aware of where we shall be, a Quartet of alphorns.




This time we move to my home country in a splenditly reastaured barn with a pleasent panorama on the sweet lake of Zurich. It's called "Kulturplatz Wellenberg" what means "Cultural space of the wayvy mountain". Not far from there i have passed my first 20 years of obedience.

For this exhibition I have called Valentin Aren for envigouring purpose, my chap ever since high scool. We have studied art together in the 80's in Paris. A grate reunion


Let's render up: this is a pipe! I'm flying to Egypt.


 The landing wasn't quite smooth, but the flight costs 49 €! Cat included!


I'm looking at the map. Where shall we go?


What a first day! The frisherman wants to get  his last fish before the storm. The cat is waiting (the next put-up job).


 Today the pyramides. No parking for camels? Where can I go?


Let's go to visit a springboard for cats. A must for insiders!


During the night we observe flyers. I wash my hands from the red, sticky sand.


Meanwhile the cat has found the next springboard.


Next day, next excursion: the  twisted pyramide, exclusively for residents. There is to eat, even strawberries (the dish of the day at 49 €), they fly. Tourist must not know where it is. The snake brought me there.


Towards  4 pm a large caravan passes by. The cat joins it.


Once the caravan has passed by, I take a break to think. I weigh up the past.


 The downhills on sledge to avoid the snowballs, the first foreign language at scool, the first time I saw the sea ...


Not far away on a new springboard, the cat runs after a red ant.


It didn't even notice the nest nor the green star nor the new offer for a futher 49€-ticket!


The fisherman, anyway, has little interst in nests. His cup of tea ar the hooks.


The seagulls, on the other hand, are very interested. They have just started the first overfly-exercice.


This one is not totally but rather queer, says the dragonfly to itself. But for 49 € it's ok for a vertical walk.


Was it really Egypt? , wonders the giant gull. Before going there concretely, maybe we should  


tidy up the mediterrainian sea ...




I'm living on the dock of the bay: obviousely somebody arrives

The Rasta skipper starts to download                  


 The slightly straighter skipper makes drop a red tear


The fishes shall take over                                        


 10 minutes, you'll have your water melon!


ma flotte des migrants


On the dock the migrants arrive or dead or as prisoners. Somebody has discovered a drop of blood.

"Do you rerally egg your head for a drop of blood?" 


ma bd